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Construction Services

Construction Services (1)

Wednesday, 02 September 2009 18:05

Construction Services

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Our network of contractors can provide all the essential services you need to take your home from the factory to turn key completion. Construction services include;

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  • Setup and construction of modular & manufactured homes

Build your dream home or modular development from start to finish. With 30 years in the modular industry we can assure that you get the home your looking for, on time and done right.on-site_construction_services


  • Design, planning, & architectural services

We work with a team of architects and designers. For the development of your project, we will draw a plot of your parcel, do the drawings for your garage, barn or shed and submit them to the county or city in which your property is located. We’ll take all the required steps necessary in obtaining your building permits.


  • Grading & groundbreaking services

Leave the sitework to us - we do all that is necessary to prepare for your new modular home. Our talented crews will grade your property and do all soil testing to make way for your new homes permanent foundation. If you need a paved and/or cement driveway or swimming pool to accompany your new home we can provide that as part of your overall package.


  • Demolition & debris removal

We do rough and finish demolition and can remove any existing structures in preparation of your new home. If you are developing a new plot and require brushing or fire abatement we will clear the required area and remove the resulting debris. We recycle as much material as possible from any structure we demolish.


  • Layout & foundation

For a modular home to be placed on a permanent foundation system we create a Plot Plan/layout. The layout is approved by a licensed engineer and meets all state and local ordinances. When planning your project we take into account a wide range of factors that determine the best building solution for you. Before


  • Concrete & masonry work

Block Walls retaining walls, basements, driveways, patios, steps, walkways etc.. If you can think of it we can build it!


  • Framing & carpentry

 Custom Homes, garages, barns, sheds, decks, rec rooms, stairs etc.


  • Utilities

 We can drill you a well, install a water tank and fire hydrant, and provide you with domestic water.


  • Electrical

 We provide power to the source from as near or as far as it takes.


  • Sewer

 Sewer Lateral or Septic System


  • Gas

 Natural of Propane