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The Smart Decision

Faster Builds. More Profitable Projects.

When you build modular, you can build better homes in 1/3 less time. When you can build more homes in a shorter time frame, you can build using less capital, so that the same capital investment can yield more completed projects. In addition, a shorter construction schedule can reduce the cost of carrying your loan and builder’s insurance.  The bottom line – with Genesis modular construction, your margins improve and your profits rise.

Exceptional Building Quality

Genesis modular homes are designed to meet and exceed local building codes and use the same quality materials as traditional construction. In addition, modular construction is subject to stringent and comprehensive design review and inspections by state-approved authorities.


Genesis modular homes are constructed in an environmentally controlled manufacturing facility, so construction takes place under cover and your structures are protected from weather-related damage. Our tradesmen also have access to tools, jigs, assembly tables, and material-handling equipment not found on a typical construction site, which results in a higher degree of precision and ultimately yields a stronger, more durable structure.

And when it comes to providing warranty protection, you have one of America’s leading builders standing behind their work.

Modular is Greener

Because Genesis Modular homes are built in controlled manufacturing facilities, tolerances are tighter and structures have less air infiltration. This results in more energy-efficient homes that may be eligible to receive the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Energy Star® rating.

Studies suggest that with modular construction, there’s also a dramatic reduction in waste due to continuous recycling activities, the use of pre-cut lumber and a greater accuracy in cuts. Material is stored in the facility, which results in less waste from weather damage. And the efficiency of the modular manufacturing process reduces CO2 output compared to traditional site construction.

Modular is Neighborhood-Friendly

Because 80 percent of modular construction occurs off-site, the majority of the on-site noise, dust, debris and traffic created by traditional construction are eliminated. This also means fewer hazards on the job sites and neighbors are less bothered by the construction.