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Southern California Modular Homes

Despite the poor economy through out the United States we just keep on growing. At the same time the recession is causing many builders and property owners to look for more efficient and affordable ways to build or develop their properties. That's why as a modular builder we've been very fortunate in our ability to thrive during these tough economic times. On-site construction just can't keep up with the quality, efficiency, and accelerated schedule of a modular build.  And now with land prices at a once in a lifetime low there is no better time to build your dream home or modular development.

The Possibilities are Endless...

Often times when people think about modular homes they think of those boxy awkward floor plans that were the face of manufactured and modular building 20 years ago. Well much has changed since then and the modular homes of today are virtually indistinguishable from stick built models.

Aside from the beautiful ranch, two story, cape cod, cottage and other floor plans that are available we can take almost any floor plan and convert it into a modular build. That's right anything from a a small studio or park model to a sprawling apartment complex or hotel can be built modular.

If your wondering how that's possible consider the fact that any modular floorplan is just the combination of several "modules" or sections and that these sections can be assembled in a multitude of ways based on the requirements of the project. For instance our multi-family units can be built up to three stories high but need only be one or two stories if that is what is required.

The Price is Up To You...

One of the great choices you have building modular is the ability to upgrade or downgrade your features and options to reflect your projects goals and budget. We can build any of our models to reflect a premium high end level of options and amenities or alternately a basic no frills set of options which will make for a comfortable, functional yet less expensive home or development. So what are you waiting for?  Browse our modular home gallery to find your dream home today