Frequently Asked Questions...
Q: Why would a builder turn to modular after a lifetime of traditional construction?
Today we are sitting down with DENGREY Builders, LLC to better understand how modular construction benefits their customers.

Q: How does modular construction save your customers time and money?
It's simple, building with modules means you get low prices on top quality homes. This is possible in part because the modular building process is faster and more efficient.

Q: How do customers benefit from a factory built home provider/contractor?
Good question, consider that using an in-house team to complete a modular build cuts the hassle and waste out of the normal practice of hiring a separate general contractor; who in turn typically hires a small army of sub-contractors. 

The Modular building process allows multiple phases of your project to be completed simultaneously. As your vision comes together in the factory we are already pouring the foundation for your new home. This translates into substantial savings in time and money.

Working with our team allows you to design your dream from start to finish, customizing your modular home to fit your needs.

Q: By the way, what is the difference between a modular and manufactured home anyway? Aren't they both manufactured?
The short answer is that modular homes are built with the same or comparable materials to any site built home. They are coded and appraised like a site built home, and they invariably go onto a permanent foundation. The construction process is different but the end product is comparable in every way to a custom built home.

Q:  You’re a contractor, why do you choose to sell and customize modular home projects when you could just as soon build them “the old fashioned way?
After a decade of building traditional "stick built" homes, my colleague built his own modular home (that he still lives in today) and over the course of the project gained a keen appreciation of the advantages of the pre-fabricated building system.

"Modular Home building isn't just an alternative to on-site methods, it is a natural replacement." 

With the reduced price, accelerated timeframe, and improved efficiency of a modular build, the bottom line is that on-site construction methods simply can’t compete.  That’s why as a hybrid contractor/dealer I have the unique ability to offer you a high quality customizable home at a factory direct price.

Q: Do you complete all phases of the project in-house?
Not everything. My team will assist in plan selection, financing, design, permitting, site preparation, foundation, water and utility hook-ups, onsite additions such as garages and decks and of course the transport and final assembly of every structure. Much of our finish work is typically done in house as well. Where necessary we sub-contract some aspects of prep, site, and finish work to trusted and qualified partners.

Q: How and where does one begin shopping for a modular home?
First things first, determine what you want and what you need by:

-  Browsing galleries to gain an understanding of what you’re looking for in a floor plan. 
-  Requesting pricing info on your favorite features and floor plans to get a feel for the relative costs. 
-  Exploring financing options to determine what you’re ultimately prepared to spend.
-  Arranging to tour a factory or a finished modular home in your area.
-  If you own or are looking at purchasing a plot of land, call us to qualify for a free site inspection 

My team is happy to help in this process every step of the way.  We want people to feel free to contact us so we can assist in these steps and answer any questions that may arise.

Determining the best course of action before you move forward will ensure no surprises down the road. Modular construction is a superior building solution for most new construction but there are times when a manufactured or site built approach is more appropriate.

Now you know the short answer on why a perfectly good contractor would elect to build this way, and why for the same reasons building modular will save you time and money. This means a better home for you and your family, and a better, faster return on your investment in developing your land.
 If you need a paved and/or cement driveway or swimming pool to accompany your new home we can provide that as part of your overall package.